Pricing application iKelp POS Mobile

You can start using the application immediately and for free. Some extra functions and services are available for charge.

Why is our product the most affordable on the market?

  • Use for free, setup within seconds
       Many Funtions are free. Free trials available for paid functions.
  • You only pay for the functions that you use in a given monthe
       You do not have to worry about costs in low season. Less used - less pay.
  • Video courses and tutorials - free training
       You will learn everything you need within few minutes by watching video.
  • It works on any mobile, tablet and your PC
       You do not need any special and expensive equipment.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
       Features of the application are proven by experience and you can try them first.

The iKelp POS Mobile price calculator

The parameters of your operationSelect the desired value

The number of waiters

The number of waiters and bartenders in a shift. [View details]

I want a discount – inteligent tables

Get a discount using intelligent tables and Save up to 120€ per year. [View details]

Number of cash registers

Number of fiscal printers (printing receipts) connected with the application. Enter the number of devices in the operation.

Number of order printers

Number of order printers connected to the application, such as in the kitchen and at the bar. Enter the number of devices in the operation.

Stock records

Complete inventory record for the restaurant and cafe needs [View details]

Delivery and take away records

The online ordering system you place on your website [View details]

Total credits 5 kr.
Total in a month
without VAT
23,60 €/m.*

* The price is determined by calculation credit to euro when purchasing credit package 50 + 3 (for € 250 excluding VAT for Europe). Credit doesn’t expire. Consumption in a given month is calculated only based on the services you actually used.

Paid features and services are charged to your credit that you recharge in a form of concessional packages. For the complete price list of additional services, see the complete pricing and additional services for iKelp POS Mobile.

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